This online application provides the citizens of Loveland with the ability to report minor incidents, some traffic accidents, and to request extra patrol via the internet. The Loveland Police Department is dedicated to partnering with the community and serving the citizens with the highest level of efficiency and service possible. Online reporting allows you to easily report minor incidents online while allowing police officers to continue to focus on pro-active enforcement and community involvement.

Online reports will be filed with the Police Department and are available to you and/or your insurance company, but will not be investigated. Be advised that the online reporting application cannot be used to report activity in progress or emergencies. In case of an emergency please dial 911.

In order to file a report online all of the following conditions must be true:

  •   This is not an emergency and is not in progress
  •   I do not know who the suspect is / There is no suspect
  •   The incident occurred within the city limits of Loveland
  •   The suspect did not leave any physical evidence
  •   I understand that no additional investigation will be done

Please select the appropriate type of report from the list of types below. If your incident is not one of the types below, please make a report by calling or visiting the police department.

Click on the appropriate report category for your incident:
Review your options and click the appropriate blue button to get started:
An unknown person has tampered with my property with the intent to cause injury, inconvenience or annoyance, but they did not cause any monetary damage.

Example: Someone threw eggs or toilet paper at my house without causing monetary damage.
Criminal Tampering
An unknown person intentionally damaged or destroyed my property.

Example: Someone broke the window of my house.
Note: Do not use this to report a motor vehicle accident or hit and run causing damage to your vehicle. Instead, please report vehicle accidents by selecting the Traffic Accident option or by calling or visiting the police department.

Review your options and click the appropriate blue button to get started:
An unknown person stole one or more things from inside of a vehicle.

Example: Someone stole my sunglasses from my vehicle.
Theft From Vehicle

An unknown person stole my property from inside of a building that is open to the general public.

Example: Someone stole my backpack from inside of the library. Or, someone stole my purse from inside a locker at the gym.
Theft From Building

An unknown person stole my property that was NOT located in a vehicle or or in a building.

Example: Someone stole my lawnmower from in front of my house.
General Theft

I lost property in the City of Loveland.

Example: I lost/misplaced my cell phone and need a report number for my insurance company or cell phone carrier.
Lost Property

Review your options and click the appropriate blue button to get started:
Notify us about a vehicle that has been deserted, discarded or is inoperable parked on a city street (definition in Municipal Code 10.28.010(B)(2)).

Example: A vehicle parked on my street has flat tires and has no engine. Or a vehicle on my street has trash piled up inside, no plates and trash is accumulating underneath along with weeds growing up through the bumper.
Report an
Abandoned Vehicle
Request an officer patrol a particular area or house.

Example: You are going to be out of the area on vacation and want extra patrol. Or, you have noticed suspicious people loitering near your house and you want officers to keep an eye out for these people.
Extra Patrol
Request an officer patrol a particular area to look for traffic violations.

Example: You want an officer to patrol for speeding vehicles near your house.
Traffic Enforcement

Report a traffic accident directly to the Colorado State Patrol:
You can make an online report if all of the following criteria are met:
  •   No fatality or injury requiring medical attention was sustained by any person(s) involved, and;
  •   The accident is not an alleged hit and run, or there is no information on the other driver, and;
  •   The accident does not involve damage to any public property, and;
  •   No drivers involved are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or have insurance or license violations
This can also be used when the Loveland Police Department is on accident alert
If your accident meets all the criteria, press the blue button to get started.

Example: Two cars collide and no one is injured.
Choosing this type of report will take you to the Colorado State Patrol traffic accident reporting website. Because these traffic accident reports are submitted directly to CSP, copies are not available from the Loveland Police Department Records Unit. To request a copy of a traffic accident report that was submitted online, please contact CSP Records Unit at 303-239-4500.
An Accident

Filing a false police report is a criminal offense and may lead to prosecution!